Mediation Coaching

One-on-one confidential mediation and conflict coaching.

We assist clients by listening, supporting and preparing them for conflict conversations and mediation.

Our approach focuses on identifying our clients' needs and goals as well as supporting them to develop strategies geared to achieve results.

Coaching assists individuals to plan, prepare for and participate in mediation. It also helps people learn more about themselves, how they approach conflict and enables a shift in how to approach future situations.

Coaching will assist you to:

  1. Reflect and understand processes and options;
  2. Set goals, identify options and develop a strategy to resolve your matter;
  3. Increase your understanding of the process ahead and lessen uncertainty;
  4. Plan, prepare for, and participate in mediation to the fullest extent possible;
  5. Build confidence to keep moving forward and approach conflict in a more focused manner.



Coaching (2 hour session) $375

1 x 2 hour coaching session prior to mediation

Telephone support on day of mediation

Debrief following mediation


Coaching Package (3 sessions) $750

1 x 2 hour coaching session prior to mediation

2 x 45 minute additional coaching sessions prior to mediation

Telephone support on day of mediation

Debrief following mediation

What our clients say:


“Coaching was exactly what I needed. The sessions with Kate helped me clarify what options were available and motivated me to push ahead. I felt lost, stressed, panicked and worried about my case until I went through this process with Kate. She was incredibly supportive. I have learnt so much.”

~MR – Family Law, Property  


“Kate focused me in a way that two law firms could not do. Not only is she incredibly professional but she also manages to be kind, and caring and she actually listens. I couldn’t recommend Kate enough.”

~KD – Family Law, Property


“Informative and practical guidance on next steps forward to get me started on the journey of separation and divorce. Kate listened carefully to my situation and helped me identify realistic options. Divorce/separation is highly emotional and in a few conversations Kate was able to help me see the situation more clearly and get focused on where to best spend my time, money and energy.”

~JH – Family Law, Parenting and Property 


“I felt completely overwhelmed before I met with Kate. I had no idea what to do next or how. The money I spent on coaching was worth every cent. I went to mediation feeling prepared. I phoned and text Kate a few times during the day. It was like Kate was the rational part of my brain. With her assistance, I managed to settle my property matter which I did not think was going to be possible."

~SW – Family Law, Property