Laura Dodds

Child Expert Consultant | Social Worker | Family Consultant


Laura is a Family Consultant and Social Worker. She holds a Master of Social Work and has over 16 years' experience working as a Social Scientist with children, young people and families.

Laura consults to Clark & Associates as a Child Expert in our Child-Focussed and Child-Inclusive Family Dispute Resolution mediations, supporting families while they plan parenting arrangements for their children that are developmentally appropriate and neurologically informed.

In addition to her consultancy work at Clark & Associates, Laura is appointed as a Child Expert Witness for the Family and Federal Circuit Court and regularly undertakes Family Reports to assist families and the Court to identify children’s needs and best interests in a post-separation context. Laura is also a sessional academic, teaching Social Work at the University of the Sunshine Coast.


  • Sunshine Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

Note: For Family Report enquiries please contact Edgeways Consultancy.