Commercial and Civil Disputes

Mediators can work with those involved in conflict within a commercial environment or where civil litigation is commenced.

We can assist parties to resolve their conflict without a lengthy, expensive and stressful litigation process.

Our mediators have extensive experience in facilitating commercial dispute resolution processes involving private, government, council, not-for-profit and educational institutions.

Clark & Associates can assist with:

  • Contracts including: employment, contractor, leases, commercial sale/purchase, property development, retail tenancies, franchising, management rights
  • Defamation claims
  • Neighbourhood disputes, body corporate, community resident and manufactured home disputes
  • Loss of opportunity claims
  • Debts including: unpaid loans,¬†invoices, accounts or demands.

Our process begins with confidential one-on-one intake sessions with each party.

A mediation then occurs once all parties are informed and prepared.

If a resolution is reached our mediators assist the parties in documenting their agreement.

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