Intake Sessions

Clark & Associates Mediation Services undertake one-on-one confidential mediation intake sessions with all parties, prior to the day of mediation.

This is an aspect of our service that sets us apart from others.

Intake sessions are a crucial part of mediation and allow us to tailor our service to the needs of parties in advance of mediation.

These sessions also allow us to screen each matter for suitability, which is a mandatory requirement before mediation can commence.

We assist clients by listening to them and preparing them for mediation.

Our intake sessions are thorough and assist parties to plan, prepare for and participate in mediation.

Our intake sessions will assist you to:

  1. Increase your understanding of the process ahead.
  2. Lessen uncertainty and anxiety about the process ahead.
  3. Be listened to and heard before mediation.
  4. Share your experiences.
  5. Narrow down issues in dispute.
  6. Reflect on your circumstances.
  7. Understand processes and options.
  8. Identify options to resolve your matter.
  9. Plan, prepare for and participate in mediation to the fullest extent possible.
  10. Build confidence to keep moving forward and approach conflict in a more focused manner.