Restorative Justice

We offer a service of restorative justice - a neutral setting for people to talk directly to each other and develop a deeper understanding of their circumstances. Our aim is to facilitate communication between the parties and open up a dialogue between them so that the real human impact of conduct can be understood.

Some of the outcomes of restorative justice might include:

  • Genuine engagement between those affected by criminal conduct
  • An expression of the full impact that criminal conduct has had
  • The provision of answers to important questions about the criminal conduct
  • Individuals taking responsibility for their actions
  • Humanisation of the criminal justice system
  • Restored peace between individuals within communities
  • Active restoration of losses suffered
  • A forum for the realisation of genuine remorse
  • An ability for victims to make sense of their tragedy and assist them relieve their fears
  • Personal deterrence for those who have engaged in criminal conduct

Our unique service model

We provide our service at a number of stages:

  • To evidence remorse and restoration at sentence
  • If the matter cannot be dealt with by the Justice Mediation Program
  • If there are time-sensitive issues to finalising the matter
  • If the Prosecution and Complainant consent to private mediation
  • Where the inclusion of third parties affected by the offending conduct is relevant

Information Sheet

Click here to view our PDF Restorative Justice Information Sheet

Apology Guide

We have created an Apology Guide which may be of use in preparing a letter of apology: Click here to view PDF Apology Guide

Professional Care Complaints

Independent facilitation of mediations between those in need of protection and authorities providing personnel to care for them.

The purpose of the mediation is to moderate a process of communication.

Benefits might include:

  • an opportunity to offer an apology
  • discuss issues and concerns
  • identify the ongoing needs of the victim
  • plan a response
  • strengthen cultural community


  • Pastoral Care
  • Aged Care
  • Educational Care
  • Protective Services

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