"We really progressed with a lot in a very short period of time with Kate's help, most of which I was not expecting. I found the whole process extremely beneficial."

"Kate, I can’t thank you enough for what you have achieved for us and our children’s future. Wishing you every bit of success for future families."

"Thank you for your help realigning our perspectives from an unhealthy, unhappy place - to a hopeful, energised, adaptive mindset."

"Lily, we wanted to thank you so much for the mediation. Your professional, but supportive and gentle facilitation made the very difficult situation much less brutal than it had the potential to be. We are forever grateful for you being there."

"I wish to thank Kate and Laura for their approach, skills and personalities to help finalise these issues in a harmonious manner."

"You were terrific at setting the tone and intention of the session; you kept the process moving along so everything could be addressed and people could get their say."

"Thank you for helping me communicate about what happened and how to resolve it. I really appreciate your help."

"Kate was fantastic. She showed a depth of knowledge and professionalism which meant that parties were kept on track and their expectations appropriately managed throughout the process."

"It's good for everyone involved to have their say without a lawyer or other people telling them what to say."

"Kate, Thank you for your invaluable assistance with mediation. We were genuinely concerned about how this session would run, hoping it would not turn "ugly". We were truly grateful that you, through structured processes and your personality, were able to provide a safe environment for discourse. This was extremely important to us as there is always the potential for such a session to actually worsen relationships between parties."

"Kate is very thorough in her approach and methods used throughout the mediation process. I felt there was full opportunity to speak and convey everything I needed to at the mediation."

"It is a weight lifted. It was worth every minute and put a lot to rest, understanding what actually happened. It humanised everything."

"Thank you so much to Kate and Lily for facilitating our property settlement mediation. We tried mediation many times before coming to you. This was the best mediation I've ever had. Many thanks."

"Kate, you gave me more focus through this process than I have had over the last three years. Thank you."

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