Professional Care Complaints

When professional care is not as expected, complaints can be made either directly to the professional concerned, the provider or to the regulatory body.

The complaint handling process within many provider services and regulatory bodies includes the option to attend mediation to resolve the matter.

Professional Care Complaints are emotional for parties and their supports. Mediation can offer all involved an opportunity to express their concerns/needs/wishes in a supportive and neutral environment.

Benefits might include:

  • An opportunity to offer an apology
  • Discuss issues and concerns
  • Identify the ongoing needs of everyone involved
  • Plan a response
  • Strengthen cultural community.

Our mediators can assist in matters such as:

  • Health Care Complaints
  • Disability Support Complaints
  • Service Professional Complaints
  • Pastoral Care
  • Aged Care
  • Educational Care
  • Protective Services

Our process commences with our mediators speaking with each impacted person (or their guardian/support) in a confidential one-on-one intake session.

Our mediation process is tailored to the individual needs of each matter and the parties attending. The emotional and physical safety of all parties is at the forefront of our approach.

Once each party is informed and prepared for mediation we will facilitate meaningful and respectful conversations aimed at understanding each person's experience.

Our process is self-determining. We will support parties in generating solutions to resolve their dispute. If an agreement is reached our mediators assist the parties in documenting their agreement.

Independent facilitation of mediations between those in need of protection and authorities providing personnel to care for them.

The purpose of the mediation is to moderate a process of communication.


"Lily, we wanted to thank you so much for the mediation. Your professional, but supportive and gentle facilitation made the very difficult situation much less brutal than it had the potential to be. We are forever grateful for you being there."

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