Our Mediation Values

Confidential - We offer strictly confidential service so far as the law allows.

Impartial - We provide mediation services to all clients in an unbiased, neutral and equitable manner.

Respect - We provide, create and ensure an atmosphere of respect throughout the provision of our services.

Professional - We work honestly and with integrity. We act diligently and ensure that our conduct projects positive responses.

Facilitate - We ensure that we facilitate sound communication between the parties themselves. Settlement is up to the parties.

Dig Deeper - We assist parties to understand, explore and discuss the issues relevant to their dispute and what their needs are and why.

Our Mediators

Kate Clark

Legal Director / Restorative / FDRP

Sophie Jordan

Panel Mediator / Child Expert / FDRP

Dominique Gardiner

Panel Mediator / Restorative

Hollie Thompson

Child Expert

Linda Kochanski

Panel Mediator / FDRP

Penny Feil

Panel Mediator / FDRP

Amanda Hickey

Panel Mediator / Restorative / FDRP

Laura Dodds

Child Expert

Lily Brisick

Panel Mediator / Restorative / FDRP

Maryann Hearn

Panel Mediator / Restorative

Nicole Elliott

Mediation Manager

Mae Profile Photo

Mae the Mediation Dog

Therapy Dog in Training