Our Mediation Values

Confidential - We offer strictly confidential service so far as the law allows.

Impartial - We provide mediation services to all clients in an unbiased, neutral and equitable manner.

Respect - We provide, create and ensure an atmosphere of respect throughout the provision of our services.

Professional - We work honestly and with integrity. We act diligently and ensure that our conduct projects positive responses.

Facilitate - We ensure that we facilitate sound communication between the parties themselves. Settlement is up to the parties.

Dig Deeper - We assist parties to understand, explore and discuss the issues relevant to their dispute and what their needs are and why.

Meet the C & A Team

Kate Clark

Legal Director

Lily Brisick

Panel Mediator

Julia Boyd

Panel Mediator

Linda Kochanski

Panel Mediator

Penny Feil

Panel Mediator

Amanda Hickey

Panel Mediator

Nicole Elliott

Mediation Assistant

Emily Kinross

Mediation Assistant

Sophie Jordan

Child Expert Consultant

Laura Dodds

Child Expert Consultant

Mae the Mediation Dog

Therapy Dog in Training