Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Clark & Associates Mediation Services provide Accredited Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) services to help families affected by separation and divorce communicate about parenting and property issues.

We provide our mediation services to represented and self-represented parties.

The Family Law Act 1975 requires separating families to make a genuine effort to try and resolve their matter through family dispute resolution before filing an Application in Court.

The requirement to participate in mediation applies to anyone wanting to make an Application with a family law Court. It also includes those seeking changes to an existing parenting Order.

There are a few exceptions to this requirement, such as cases involving family violence, child abuse or urgency.

Unless an exception applies, parties seeking to have a parenting Order made by a Court will need to file a Certificate from an Accredited family dispute resolution practitioner.  The certificate is issued under section 60I of the Act.

A family dispute resolution practitioner is an independent mediator who can help families discuss issues, look at options and work out how to reach agreement in the best interests of children.

Reaching agreement by way of family dispute resolution can:

  • establish a sustainable parenting plan or parenting consent orders
  • assist you co-parent your child or children into the future
  • assist you conduct a respectful separation
  • greatly reduce the financial and emotional costs of legal proceedings.

If an agreement is reached it can be formalised by either:

  • Parenting Plan; or
  • Applying to the Family Court Federal Circuit Court of Australia for Consent Orders.

Our process begins with confidential one-on-one intake sessions with each party. During these sessions we gather information about your family circumstances and children and assist you prepare for your mediation ahead.

A mediation then occurs once all parties are informed and prepared.

If a resolution is reached our mediators assist the parties in documenting their agreement.


Josie - "Kate was the mediator for my parenting plan, and I would highly recommend her. She made me feel comfortable and safe during the mediation and a matter that was on for more than a year she helped me during the mediation to resolve. She is extremely professional and put the child interest first."

Nick - "Kate is an excellent mediator. Very fair, very concise and extremely personable. She does everything she can to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable and ensures the fairest outcome for all parties."

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