Workplace Disputes

Mediation between employee/employer or employee/employee. The facilitation of communication to discuss issues and focus on fair and balanced plans that allow parties to move forward.


  • Disagreement on role
  • Management issues
  • Workplace harassment/ bullying
  • Contractual disputes
  • Interpersonal conflict

Workplace mediation can assist to resolve a matter before it reaches lengthy, formal proceedings or a rupture in relationship.

Mediators facilitate effective and open communication between the parties to discuss issues. We ensure that all parties feel heard and explore mutual understanding of each others concerns, before looking to the future and what is possible to avoid a repeat of behaviour/issues/events.

We use a facilitative and restorative model of mediation.

Our process begins with confidential one-on-one intake sessions with each party. During these sessions we also offer conflict coaching and check that each party has supports in place.

A mediation then occurs once all parties are informed and prepared.

If a resolution is reached our mediators assist the parties in documenting their agreement.

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